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Our fundamental understanding of teaching and didactics is a person-centered one: we consider the personality and the behavior of the teacher as the defining factor for didactic success. This requires a differentiated sense for didactic situations and the ability to act and react spontaneously and presently. We look on the art of improvisation as a central and underestimated component in any didactical process. 


For teachers and lecturer teams at all levels we offer further training courses. Our focus here lies on:

- Presentation and performance skills
- Teaching and charisma
- Body and voice consciousness
- Improvisational didactics
- Didactical rhythm and diversity of methods
- Space awareness and presence in the classroom
- Action-oriented teaching
- The role of emotions in a learning process


We coach teachers of all levels. In a personal coaching, the possibilities of didactic improvement can be analyzed. Thereout actions can be taken and trained - the goal is to increase the joy of teaching and thus the teaching quality. Practical work, sample lessons and feedback are integrated components of an individual coaching.

For companies we offer "Train the trainer"-workshops for business training.


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