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The philosophy of eresmas centers on the continuous interaction between the mind and body. Recognizing this inseparable duality forms the foundation of our working methodology and, consequently, guides our interventions.

holistic | We believe in embracing not only cognitive processes but also emotions, feelings, and bodily experiences for a comprehensive understanding of personality. Genuine development necessitates the integration of emotional and physical aspects.

individual | In the workplace, we prioritize the human being and their individuality as crucial factors for success. The development of human personality serves not only the employee but also enhances economic efficiency, contributing to the overall success of the company. Standardizing processes without considering individuality is neither humane nor economically viable.

humanistic-dynamic | Our methods...


  • are always action-oriented.

  • focus on talents, resources, and development, not on deficiencies.

  • utilize creative and, if necessary, unconventional approaches.

  • integrate cognitive, systemic, humanistic, and psychoanalytic perspectives.

  • are grounded in current scientific knowledge of neuropsychology.

"Πάντα ῥεῖ."


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