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eresmas ACADEMY offers a wide range of open workshops and seminars in cooperation with various partners. Let yourself be inspired!


reflect and improve your leadership skills

practical workshop, in german language

March 27 -30 2019 | Münchenwiler, Switzerland

with Reto Suter and Erika Rupp (BFF Bern)

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GAY Yoga and Pilates Retreat in Mykonos

Yoga, Pilates, excursions and activities. A retreat for gay men in Mykonos! 

September 14 - 21 2019 | Mykonos, Greece

with Reto Suter and Fabio Caio

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Yoga and Pilates Week in Mykonos

Pilates and Yoga Retreat at Villa Konstantin, Mykonos

September 21 - 28 2019 | Mykonos, Greece

with Reto Suter and Stéfanie Finger (Orchid Pilates)

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Voice, Charisma, Body - A Performance Workshop

A workshop for people who want to work on their performance competence, voice skills and stage presence.

September 28 - October 5 2019 | Mykonos, Greece

with Reto Suter, Nicole Rivar and Damian Meier

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