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eresmas ACADEMY offers a wide range of open workshops and seminars in cooperation with various partners. Let yourself be inspired!

eresmas psychology


reflect and improve your leadership skills

practical workshop, in german language

March 27 -30 2019 | Münchenwiler, Switzerland

with Reto Suter and Erika Rupp (BFF Bern)

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GAY Yoga and Pilates Retreat in Mykonos

Yoga, Pilates, excursions and activities. A retreat for gay men in Mykonos! 

September 14 - 21 2019 | Mykonos, Greece

with Reto Suter and Fabio Caio

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Yoga and Pilates Week in Mykonos

Pilates and Yoga Retreat at Villa Konstantin, Mykonos

September 21 - 28 2019 | Mykonos, Greece

with Reto Suter and Stéfanie Finger (Orchid Pilates)

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Voice, Charisma, Body - A Performance Workshop

A workshop for people who want to work on their performance competence, voice skills and stage presence.

September 28 - October 5 2019 | Mykonos, Greece

with Reto Suter, Nicole Rivar and Damian Meier

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