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The Sexbodiment concept describes a connection between Embodiment and Sexuality. It's about a holistically lived sexuality that incorporates and includes the hole body, aspects of mind, spirit and psyche - far from a reductive and orgasmcentered view.

We are open to combine sexuality with different aspects of physical and mental experiences like movement, rhythm, sound and voice, breathing, taste, touch, fetishes, domination and submission, yin and yang.

In our rituals and retreats we practice e.g.

- Naked Yoga

- Tantric Massages

- Embodiment based Meditation

- Group Body-Rituals

- Discussions

- Fitness Training

- Naked Nature Experience

We are located in Europe.

Sexbodiment Retreat for Men in MYKONOS/GRECCE

25 Sept - 2 Oct 2021


One week with likeminded men in a luxurious villa, 

daily workshops in Sexbodiment, Group Rituals,

Tantric Experiences, Discussions, Meditation, Yoga,

Excursions, Naked Swimming and much more!

Celebrate life, dance, cook together, eat, go hiking,

go to the beach and just enjoy the Myconian Vibes.

Join the Mykonos Active Sexbodiment Retreat

for Gay and Bisexual Men only.

Accommodation in a luxurious Villa in Mykonos, situated

above Elia Beach, with private Swimming Pool, Sea View,

Garden Area and big Sun Terrace.

FROM 1190€

incl. 7 nights in luxurious Villa,

all the workshops and activities, daily breakfas and two dinners

see the Property here

learn more about The Circle of Tantra

If you are interested to share this experience in a group of men

from all over the world, please press the button below and

send us a Booking request.


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